Say the Word

October 13th, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Say the Word”

“Did you say something?

I’m sorry, I apologize.”
– Phantom Planet


“Say the Word” was an attempt, on my part, to write a big, bright pop song about quietness and

listening for a word from God. I produced the track to be as clean and polished as our resources would

allow, and, for me, it’s a standout track on a record full of aggressive riff-rock anthems. Will created the

drum loop that opens and closes the track, I took several passes at the bass line to get the “feel” that I

wanted, and, as usual, Dylan’s guitar sound was the icing on the cake. I directed Lisa to sing the vocal as

if this were the single for the record; powerful and shiny. When her stacked harmonies come in on the

second chorus, I knew we had done something right!


Listening is a lost art. We can all tell when someone is actually listening to what we’re saying or

just waiting to respond. There are many ways that God wants to speak to us. First and foremost, He uses

His written Word. He can speak to us by the Holy Spirit that lives in all believers, like a spiritual prompt

or feeling that can gives us wisdom, instruction or comfort. Often, He speaks to us through external

means, such as circumstances, an encouragement from a friend or even a song.


We were created to be in a relationship with God. An ongoing dialog between Creator and

creation. Before we bring our praises, grievances and supplications before the throne, let’s remember to

stop and listen for what God has to say to us today. When we’re holding on for life for a word from Him,

our hearts, our spiritual ears, open to His instruction, He will say the word we need to hear


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