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Student Nation

A ministry for our Students

student_nation-roomStudent Nation is our youth ministry for 6th-12th grade! Wednesday night’s are engraved with love, fun and the Holy Spirit. Not only are you surrounded by some of the friendliest and coolest people you’ll probably ever meet in your whole life, but you are here for a purpose and to encounter all that God has for you through worship, prayer, messages, small groups and other fun shenanigans.

We are bringing everyone together, the broken, the healed, the abandoned, the accepted, the failures, the rich, the poor, the dreamers, the worshipers, and the ones who will reclaim our city for Jesus Christ! Every teenager has a voice that some one else needs to hear!

We do not believe that the church is inside of the 4 walls, we believe that we are the church. Our Wednesday night gathering is where we get prepared to bring Jesus to our schools, our friends, family and our nation! Come as you are, you’ll fit in perfectly. We’ve been praying for YOU and can’t wait to meet you.

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