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“Last of the men in hats hops off the coil

And a final scene unfolds inside

Deep in the rain of sparks behind his brow

Is a part replayed from a perfect day

Teaching her how to whistle like a boy

Love’s first blush”

– Elbow

Just Like Falling

For the second track on our record, I wanted to keep the energy up. I had the

basic song (chords, melody, and lyrics), but I hadn’t decided how to execute the

track. This is a good example of our production method:

  1. Dylan, Will and I would go into the studio, and I would play them the song on acoustic guitar.
  2. We would find the tempo, and I would record a demo, or “scratch”, version of the song to a click track.
  3. I would describe the attitude of the song to Will, citing various influences and suggesting beats.
  4. Will would create a drum part, based on our discussion, and record his tracks in about an hour.
  5. Dylan and I would have a similar discussion about the guitar part.
  6. Dylan would play several different versions, or “riffs”, of the chord progression until we found one that we liked.
  7. He would then record his various tracks in 30 minutes to an hour.
  8. I would show them the bass line I had in mind, and they would say “sure” or“meh”.

And so on… For most of these songs, the parts you’re hearing were

created and recorded within an hour of them hearing/learning the song. It’s a

very fast-paced way to track a record, but, since we were working one night a

week, it was the only way for us to get anything done. Fortunately, Dylan and Will

were up to the challenge, and it wouldn’t have gotten made without them and

their respective creative talents.


The vocal tracks that Pastor Lisa recorded required more time, as they are

the focus of the song. We went in four separate times, over a period of several

months, to re-record her lead part until we were both satisfied with the result. Her

lead vocal on this song, particularly the bridge, are definitely a highlight of the

record for me. Working with such talented, anointed, patient and flexible

musicians and vocalists on this project may have spoiled my producing career for

life, but I’ve never been happier with a finished product.


Lyrically, this song is about reigniting your first love. It’s about Jesus

calling us apart from the mess of the world to spend time alone with Him and

remember the feeling of meeting Him for the first time. I’ve often longed for the

zealous passion of my youth when I fell in love with Jesus and nothing else

mattered. But time marches on, life happens, stress and responsibility take the

place of youthful insouciance, and we can become weary and jaded.

Jesus still wants that relationship with us. Over time, we can grow deeper

with Him, find new understanding in His word and gain wisdom through

experience. The passion is still there, buried under the weight of the world with

which we surround ourselves. Listen to Jesus. He is calling you out.

“Come away with me…”



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